Protect Your Vehicle with National Theft Search and Recovery

National Theft Search and Recovery is a private organization which works to protect the identity, property, and valuable information of people. If you have been the victim of foul play anytime, you can seek the help of National Theft Search and Recovery in order to get back your lost valuables.

  • Need For Multiple Protection

To prevent stealing of your car by professional thieves, it is recommended by the National Theft Search and Recovery to put an extra layer of protection on your vehicle, so that it becomes difficult for the thieves to steal.

The layer of protection your car can have would completely depend upon the type of vehicle you possess, your geographic location, personal preferences, and budget. Before you decide on the type of protection you need, it is suggested that you go through the NICB pamphlet and decide according to the type of vehicle you possess.

  • “Joy Rider” Theft-Decal Benefits

If you are not aware of the stealing of your vehicle, the decals would make necessary arrangements by informing you about the incident by providing the law enforcement officer the contact number of the owner instead of delaying the whole process by contacting a patrol unit. When the car is reported stolen, the law enforcement would have a contact number on file. This way, the vehicle owner may save huge costs related to towing and storage fees.

  • “Professional” Theft – Decal Benefits

There is a VIN number on every vehicle, which is provided by the OEM (Manufacturer). The sad part is when there is a vehicle theft, the VIN number and any kind of identifying markings are deleted from the vehicle so that the vehicle or its parts can easily be sold off in the black market. In such a situation, the “Professional” Theft – Decals on the vehicle helps to identify the vehicle owner. It is a unique identification number, which is visible only under UV light. This identifying number on the vehicle is linked to the contact information of the registered vehicle owner and helps in locating the whereabouts of the vehicle.


An Insight into Identity Theft Recovery Service by NTSR

National Theft Search & Recovery (NTSR) is a privately owned company that provides theft recovery services for your vehicle and personal identity. If you are victimized by identity theft you can gain back your reputation by availing the services of National Theft Search and Recovery. We will provide you with an advocate who will leave no stone unturned to help you to gain back your reputation.

The Merits of Availing the Identity Theft Recovery Service:

  • We will provide you with a personal recovery advocate who will help you to gain back identity no matter how long it takes.
  • You will receive a fraud recovery package along with instructions and activation forms delivered to you through e-mail or by overnight delivery for prompt action.
  • On receiving the activation form, as soon as you sign it the Recovery Advocate assigned to you will put into effect the tailor-made Recovery Plan.
  • The Recovery Advocate will give you a comprehensive summary of the status and the scores of the post-event results near to the end of the case.
  • Recovery Advocate will also provide you with the follow-up of the past recovery for the 12 months to safeguard you against any further problems.
  • For being a member of NTSR you will receive access online to the protection tools and education on theft identity. We provide the “Identity Risk Assessment Test” in order to ascertain your propensity to the identification of fraud. Our newsletters and special reports will help you to be informed, identify and avoid the theft scams.
  • Being a member of the NTSR your family members, like domestic partners, spouses, and dependents up to 25 years, would also be entitled to the benefits of the NTSR service.

The Services for the “Identity Theft Recovery” Offered To the Members of NTSR:

  • Recovery Advocate within a business day.
  • Recovery package with activation form and attorney form sent through email or delivered overnight.
  • In the case of an event of identity theft, we will send notifications to three credit bureaus and financial institutions, utility providers and affected creditors.
  • Assistance in filing the police report.
  • In the case of an event of identity theft, fraud alerts would be placed on the credit accounts and files on request of your credit bureaus.
  • Providing access to your personal “Identity Care Account” to permit viewing of your notes on recovery online round the clock. It also provides access to your Recovery Advocate to upload your documents on behalf of you.
  • Enable to collect information related to misuse of the personal account created for you.

National Theft Search and Recovery is a Florida-based company that offers completely managed “identity theft recovery service.” We are a renowned service provider who strives hard to restore your reputation to your previous status. We maintain and create case file in order to identify and document the fraud. We investigate and research for the potential damage of your identity by making use of the power of creditors, attorney, financial institutions, governmental agencies etc. We even do a follow up on a periodic basis through the assigned Recovery Advocate after the resolution of the “identity theft recovery.”