The common theft of our most valued items is a serious problem that has become more prevalent throughout the years. When a person spends their hard-earned money to purchase a new vehicle, he or she wants to ensure that their valuable item will be protected. In reference to this pervasive need, insurance companies are making attempts to modify policies that have fallen short for consumers in the past.

To bridge the gap, National Theft Search and Recovery is providing an easy solution. By working closely with law enforcement agencies across the country, we are able to provide the following benefits that enable you to keep your vehicle free from the hands of criminals:

1. Crime Education and Awareness

Through National Theft Search and Recovery’s educational platform, our customers and associates have online access to helpful tutorials. Our simple, informative videos will provide details, examples and the benefits included with our coverage. Members will also be happy to know that special reports and newsletters related to these tutorials will be available directly to their mailbox as well.

National Theft Search & Recovery’s educational website also provides a risk-free Assessment Test. This test will help users to determine their level of vulnerability in relation to fraud and crime. Our approach will be steadfast in sending the most updated special reports on fraud and theft.

2. Fully Managed Recovery Services

One of the most beneficial services offered by National Theft Search & Recovery is the guidance of a trusted and experienced recovery advocate. If any of our clients become a victim of identity theft, they will immediately be assigned an advocate that works personally on their behalf. The assigned advocate will have the full responsibility of returning the victim to their pre-theft status. For the client, there is no paperwork or legal matters to attend to personally. All of the necessary documentation will be cross checked both offline and online. After carefully planning and executing a strategy to return you to your pre-theft status, all documents are saved and stored accordingly, to be at your disposal.

3. Benefits for Victim & Family

Regarding the aforementioned identity theft recovery services, the victim and their immediate family will also be overnighted a Recovery Package. This package will include all instructions and further documentation necessary to effectively begin the process.

Your advocate will assist with notifying all respective credit bureaus and financial organizations about the identity theft. In the secondary stages of filing a police report, one will find these initial steps to be advantageous. Simultaneously, government agencies will also be notified. The resources that extended for these services illustrate the long-term benefits on securing your costly assets.